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Dragify Website Generator – Lifetime Access 90% off!

Dragify Website Generator – Lifetime Access 90% off!

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Forget about coding your websites from scratch.

Rather than forcing a complex and obscure templating system upon you, Dragify takes a different approach by letting you build websites by using blocks.

With Dragify you can create stunning websites for yourself, your business, or for others.

  • Drag & drop 44 pre-designed HTML blocks
  • Add SEO to your page easily
  • Style text, add background color, fonts
  • Edit your web pages' links & interlink them
  • Transfer your website to your web-hosting
  • Edit source code of every HTML block

Watch website generator in action from Dragify:

Dragify Website Builder || Create your Website Now! from Team on Vimeo.

Key Features:

  • Ready Made HTML Sections (Blocks) - Dragify comes with 44 built-in ready-made HTML sections: headers, contents, and footers
  • Bootstrap Framework - Dragify website generator is based on the world's famous bootstrap Framework to build responsive websites
  • Drag and Drop Builder - Easily drag pre-defined HTML sections onto your web page in a click
  • Editing your Web pages - Edit the links, content, text, and images of your website using our text editors. You can also edit the HTML code of your website with few clicks
  • Live Publishing & Sync - Publish your site directly live using our "FTP Publish" option. In a click, your site will be transferred to your hosting
  • User-Friendly - From beginners to experienced developers, Dragify is suitable for everyone. Dragify's drag and drop functionality, code editor, bootstrap framework make Dragify ideal for everyone
  • Light Weight CMS - Dragify is both a CMS and website builder, which allows you to put a page and entire site together swiftly. Combined with Built-in publishing feature, Dragify can be used as a basic CMS where you can edit your site online
  • Mobile Friendly Design - All the websites built using Dragify are mobile-friendly. Thanks to Bootstrap Framework. Any PC, Laptop, Mobile or Tablet, give the best of your website to visitors
  • Export Your Site - Besides the sync feature, you can also export your finished website including assets like CSS, Javascript, and Images

Deal Terms:

  • You will receive a unique coupon code which you will have to redeem on Dragify website
  • Support and Updates are free for lifetime
  • Includes all Dragify templates
  • License Lifetime for Standard Plan
  • 10 Site CMS - have 10 website projects active